Robin Williams
Concepting •  Naming • Messaging • "Trained Brain" 
"No matter what people tell you, great ideas can change the world."

You've heard that great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. But you often find yourself or your team struggling to move past the myopia of the business on which you work each day, and the "way things are and have been." Sometimes all it takes is a creative mindset and a pair of outside eyes. Spanning almost 20 years, Jon has served as a pair of outside eyes for clients and on projects of all types. He's helped imagine new product and business ideas, new product/process/company names, new ways of communicating key marketing messages and more. No matter the need -- big, small or uncertain -- Rapid Fig can assist in the bountiful generation of new ideas, on its own and on your behalf, or together with you and your team. And if you just need an extra mind in the room, Rapid Fig is a "trained brain" happy to blend in and contribute.


"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work."
Vince Lombardi
Brainstorms •  Workshops • Teambuilding •
Virtual Group Facilitation & Idea Generation (vFIG)

Great group facilitation does not happen by chance; it's a skill that takes years of practice and an innate sense of empathy that extends to diverse groups of people, perspectives and both individual and collective needs. Rapid Fig has designed, developed and deployed a host of customized interactive organization and team programs, from 3-6 people all the way to 100 people. Over a day, or two, or three, or even a series of ongoing engagements, Jon applies the key facilitative principles of Neutrality, Inquiry and Agility to the programs he leads, along with a healthy dose of fun! Additionally, in today's world of remote working and geographical spread, Jon is developing vFIG (Virtual Facilitation & Idea Generation), a technology-enabled approach to generating ideas and team rapport despite everyone not being in the same room. Interested? Please contact Jon to learn more.



Concepting •  Naming • Messaging • "Trained Brain" 
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." 
Marcel Proust
Qualitative Research Design & Moderation •  Stakeholder Interviews • Ethnography •
"Desk Research"

Today, it's more critical than ever that you listen to -- and heed -- the voice of your customer or consumer. If you are going to meet and exceed their expectations, you need not only hear what they're saying, but also actively listenin and interpret the meaning and implications behind the words, actions and beliefs. Jon has spent years doing just that: Moderating focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs), conducting stakeholder interviews, working with video enthographers to capture daily consumer life and interactions, developing novel interactive methods to truly underatand what lies behind consumer and organizational behavior and more. Working with trusted partners on jobs of significant scope, Rapid Fig digs deep to unearth and harvest potential, turning valuable insights into action.




"The art of communication is the language of leadership."
Leadership Communications & Executive Presence Coaching with Stand & Deliver
James Humes

Since August 2017, Jon has been on the faculty of Stand & Deliver, a global firm specializing in communication and leadership consulting. As a Stand & Deliver Performance Coach and supplement to his work at Rapid FIg, Jon helps business leaders and executives find their unique voices and make better use of their time, their intelligence and their authentic selves. In a world drowning in data and starved for meaning, Stand & Deliver primes organizations for high-performance communication and leadership that inspires others to action. For more about Stand & Deliver, please click here or on the Stand & Deliver icon.

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