Rapid Fig is Facilitative Fertilizer

Bearing fruit since 2013.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”


- Marcel Proust 

When it comes to cultivating inspiration, you're not alone.

You have great intentions and audacious aspirations. You spend countless hours brainstorming, huddling, off-siting, white-boarding and sitting behind the one-way mirror, eating far more M&Ms than you’re willing to admit.


You think you know where you’d like to go, but you’re not sure how to get there, or perhaps you have no idea what's next.


And yet too often, you and your team come up short. Too long, too slow, too uninspiring, too close.

To bear fruit, even the most productive and prolific people, teams, and organizations need outside catalysts to cultivate success — visionary and empathetic outsiders who know how to get conversations going, ideas flowing and opportunities growing quickly.


The most successful growers employ the best field managers. And that's where we come in.


Rapid Fig is Facilitative Fertilizer for your business, brand, product or team.

What does Rapid Fig do?

What we do

Facilitation is not simply a person standing in front of a flip chart directing traffic and conversation inside a cramped conference room. It takes on many forms. Rapid Fig fertilizes and cultivates new ideas and opportunities in three main ways ("F.I.G."):

Focusing your thinking

* Consumer insights unearthing (qual. research design and moderation)

* Brand and portfolio strategy development 

* High-stakes meeting design and facilitation (in-person + virtual)


Imagining the possibilities

* Group brainstorming & concepting

* Individual or small team idea generation

* "Trained brain” embed for your team or external partners 


Generating content

* Brand identity development

* Brand manifesto development

* Business writing and editorial precision

* Copywriting

* Key messaging, copy and content generation

* Naming (company, brand, product, service, etc.)

* Presentation design (PowerPoint, Keynote)

* Rapid concept writing

Rapid Fig has harvested success on behalf of:

Abbott * Baldwin Search Group * Brick Capital * CBA Design * Continuum Games * Curalinc Healthcare * Diamond Skills Baseball * Digitas LBi * Delta Air Lines * Deltek * Facebook * KitchenAid * Kohler * Landor * Laurel Harvest Labs (PA) * LeafLine Labs (MN) * Leo Burnett Worldwide * LEVO * Marquee Health * McDonald’s * Merida Capital Partners * MillerCoors * Neat-Oh! International * PAX Labs * Peak Harvest Health (MD) * Pillow Pharmahealth * Philip Morris International * Planet of the Vapes * Purple Strategies * Spence * Unilever * Wrigley (MARS)

Since 2014, Rapid Fig has focused much of its work on the cannabis industry (highlighted above in red) as its US explosion continues:  Cultivation and retail license application writing, canna-consumer insights unearthing, brand strategy, naming and visual identity development, collateral development and more.

Partnering with Rapid Fig was transformative for our Facebook marketing group.  Jon embedded himself with my leadership team, and his proprietary process of planting, watering, and harvesting our 'seeds' yielded an aspirational vision for where we want to go with our marketing in 2020 and beyond.  We can’t wait to work with Rapid Fig again. 

Doug Frisbie, Facebook

About Jon Rappoport

You can't spell Rappoport without "rapport."


Jon brings an extensive background in facilitative leadership, brand strategy, consumer insights and high-performance communications to everything he does. He has led, provoked and inspired new thinking and on behalf of some of the world’s biggest and well-known companies, as well as a host of fascinating upstarts and hidden gems.


Jon is an accomplished presenter, writer, researcher, and storyteller. His extensive facilitative work has sent him around the globe; across the United States, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Moscow, Paris, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and more.


Before founding Rapid Fig, Jon spent 16 years as an advertising executive and creative strategist at Leo Burnett Worldwide, and is a 2001 graduate of Chicago’s Second City Improv training program.


A Rhode Island native and a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Jon lives in Evanston, Illinois, with his wife, son (11) and twin daughters (7). 

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